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Datazen: Introduction and creation first dashboard

The third week of April Microsoft announced the acquisition of Datazen , service for Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization through dashboards and KPI. For those unfamiliar with the company , Datazen is a software company based in Toronto that started in 2002 the development of technologies for datavisualization and user interfaces , in 2012 he turned his business to Mobile BI standardizing, in 2013, its offer with Datazen ( compatible with Windows devices , iOS and Android ) .

It is thought there are two main reasons behind the acquisition of Datazen by Microsoft, that is: Datazen the offer is optimized for SQL Server and SQL Server Analysis Services, a key component of many Microsoft-centric BI architecture. In particular Datazen allows users to create dashboards and KPI drawing from these sources as well as data from Excel and SQL Azure. These characteristics have an important weight for the followers of SQL Server that require an on-premisis, implemented locally, but at the same time allowing access to data and interactive KPI on mobile devices, especially with rendering in HTML 5. Before this acquisition, Microsoft was not able to provide full functionality to mobile devices: some tool solutions SharePoint Excel Services and Reporting Services enable some features, while Power BI does not own can be used offline. Datazen conversely stores data and metrics on mobile devices and allows analysis in disconnected mode, then syncing them online.
many followers of Microsoft are fully aware that the company has focused many of its forces on the development and promotion of applications, BI. So it is no surprise that Datazen was purchased to complete the solution of self-service and mobile BI in the cloud offering from Microsoft (a service delivered through BI and Excel Office365). BI also Power was born to be “hybrid” (supporting both data sources on-premises data sources that cloud) and then Datazen will integrate with it to provide more functionality hybrid of the mobile and on the clients. Users need an easy way to view metrics on a dashboard using the common data operations such as sorting, filtering and navigation; currently these capabilities are offered by Microsoft only desktop side with PerformancePoint in SharePoint. With Datazen instead improves the platform to organize and analyze the metrics on mobile devices. There are currently two versions of the software: Windows 8 App Datazen or Datazen Enterprise Server; soon will be released a third version: Datazen Hosted Services.
What are the advantages , disadvantages and the prerequisites for implementing Mobile BI Datazen ?

Ease of installation
Ease in the creation of the layout
Designed for mobile
Excellent support data
Connecting at the active directory

You can not explore data
Good presentation level but low-level back-end for the design of the dashboard and KPI
Limited customization

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