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Comparison of Features Available Per Tier

Feature/Capability  Power  BI FreePower BI ProPower BI Premium
Create datasets and reports in Power BI Desktop x x x
Publish datasets and reports to Power BI Service x x x
Publish datasets and reports to Power BI Report Server x
Create dashboard x x x
(compilation of visuals from one or more reports) x x x
Q&A natural language queriesx x x
Data alerts x x x
E-mail subscriptions (“subscribe”) x x
Export to CSV, Excel x x x
Export to PowerPoint x x x
Analyze in Excel (connectivity to a published dataset from Excel for creating reports based on an existing dataset) x x
Power BI Service Live Connection (connectivity to a published dataset from Power BI Desktop for creating reports based on an existing dataset-requires ) x x
Access to all data sources (unrestricted) x x x
Scheduled data refresh via On-Premises Gateway in Personal ModeUp to 8x/dayOn-Premises
Data Gateway Recommended
Scheduled data refresh via On-Premises Data GatewayUp to 8x/dayUp to 8x/dayUp to 48x/day
DirectQuery and Analysis Services Live Connection via On-Premises Data Gateway x x x
Use of streaming datasets x x x
Use of custom visuals from Office Store x x x
Sharing read-only dashboard with individual colleagues (peer-to-peer) x x
Sharing read-only dashboard with an external user x x
Create and publish Apps x x
Create and publish Organizational Content Packs x x
Publish to Web (public report distribution) x x x
Power BI Mobile Apps x x x
Cortana/Windows integration for report rendering x x x
Maximum size of an imported dataset (*=future size increases over time)1GB per file1GB per file1GB per file*
Maximum data storage quota10GB per user10GB per user100TB per capacity
Multi-tenant service x x
Isolated capacity x
Unlimited # of consumers (view-only users) of Apps x
Dedicated hardware capacity with scalability on-demand x
Use of Power BI Report Server for on-premises deployment scenarios x
APIs for embedding reports in an internal custom application x x
Power BI Embedded for embedding reports in an external custom application x
Third party SaaS Apps (from AppSource) x x x
Share queries in Azure Data Catalog x x
Integration with Office 365 Groups x x
Integration with Azure Active Directory x x x

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