martedì 6 febbraio 2018

There are two themes for this month’s Power BI Desktop update. The first is a focus on some of your major asks including multi-selecting data points across multiple charts and syncing slicer values across multiple pages of your report. We also have a major update to our SAP HANA connector. Our second theme is a focus on performance improvements across three different areas of our product.

For my opinion the main features are:

1) Multi-select data points across multiple charts
2) Sync slicers across multiple pages of your report
3) Faster geocoding for Bing maps (web preview)
4) Overflow data labels for bar and column charts
5) Search the formatting and analytics pane
6) Mark custom date table
8) as T-Accounts visuals
9) Improvements to DirectQuery over SAP HANA (preview)

venerdì 2 febbraio 2018

Today we released DAX Chat Bot 1.0!!!

Today we released DAX Chat Bot 1.0 which includes a number of DAX measures and DAX patterns.
You can use it on

This bot allows you to answer the questions on DAX allowing you to search for patterns or simply
measures in DAX simply by asking the question with the word "calculate" inside, for example
"How do you calculate the cumulative total?".
Moreover it allows to obtain information on the of measurement, for example "What is the cumulative total?".
All patterns are owned by SQL BI and the bot only allows you to search interactively on the site

the bot was created with bot web app and QnA Makers.
I thank Mattia Bonatti's technical support who helped me to develope the bot and create contents.

play with the bot and let me have some feedback. Over time, new features will always be added .... you will not miss DAX chat bot's updates

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